The health benefits of gardening may still not be widely known. In fact, the activities of growing plants, fruit, or vegetables in a large yard or gardening in a narrow area are very good for supporting health.

Moreover, gardening is a simple activity and does not require a large amount of energy. Anyone can do it. Planting ornamental plants at home can make the house look more beautiful and fresh. Meanwhile, fruit and vegetable gardening can provide its own satisfaction at harvest, and of course can have an impact on healthy eating patterns.

The benefits of gardening can support your physical and mental health. This is of course very suitable for those of you who are lazy to exercise heavily, or lazy to go out to exercise. Gardening can keep you healthy and make you happier.

Lose weight
The first health benefits of gardening is to lose weight. Not many realize that by gardening, the body will move more so that it can burn the body’s calories.

Based on research conducted by the American Journal of Public Health, gardening can lose weight up to 5 to 7 kilograms. Someone who gardens with a long enough duration can burn calories in a relatively higher number.

Increase Endurance
A study published in the journal Science states that the benefits of gardening can also help support the function of the immune system. Thus, it will be easier for a person to fight infection and prevent disease if the hobby is gardening.

Another study from the University of Copenhagen suggests, gardening can prevent certain types of allergies and reduce the severity of allergic reactions.

Increase Sharpness of Mind
The benefits of gardening are not only good for the body, but also good for brain health. According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Researchers found that regular gardening had a protective effect on cognitive abilities and reduced the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent.

Increase Vitamin D Levels in the Body
The next benefit of gardening is to increase vitamin D levels. Vitamin D can increase calcium levels in the body, which is certainly beneficial for bone health and immunity.

A 2014 study found that exposure to the sun helped older people reach their target blood levels of vitamin D. Therefore, gardening can be a way to get vitamin D while relaxing the body. However, use sunscreen when gardening to keep your skin protected.

Muscle Strength Training
The benefits of gardening for physical health are also related to muscle strength. Without realizing it, the active movements of the hands and feet during gardening can help train muscle strength. Digging the ground, planting seeds, harvesting vegetables or fruit can actually keep your hands and fingers strong for as long as possible.

Add Hand Coordination
The benefits of gardening are still related to hand strength, namely increasing hand coordination. Strength, flexibility, and hand coordination are important in carrying out daily activities, such as carrying children, opening jars, lifting packages, and so on. According to a study, one of the benefits of gardening is to train muscle and fine motor skills.

Good for Mental Health
The benefits of gardening are also very good for mental health. Gardening can make you feel happier. Gardening can be a natural stress reliever, this is because some of you will get fresh air, sun exposure, and even direct contact with the soil which helps release serotonin in the brain. As quoted in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports, the undeniable benefits of gardening are decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety.